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A Little More About Me

Holly Clare Thompson


Hi, I'm Holly. A Yoga and Meditation teacher, massage therapist, Chef and Herbalist. I’m a nature loving, Scottish lass, who bubbles with energy, loves to learn and loves to share...AND this is my soulmate Mango, she's a rescued, mixed breed, bundle of love, energy and joy.

I have spent several years travelling the globe, I am lucky to have done so, working, studying and soaking in everything I could. Now comes the time where Mango and I finally plant roots and share all the things I have learnt over the years with anyone who is interested to join me.

Now for the hard stuff.

Over my short time on this earth I have been unfortunate enough to suffer some pretty deep emotional wounds and traumas. I suffered from depression and anxiety for years, I was medicated from the age of 13 and from a young age fell into a life of avoidance and unhealthy habits.

I also experienced years of domestic abuse and violence and every time I took a step away from that life towards something better, I somehow ended up back in the same place.

After suffering from a violent sexual assault in 2017 I fell once again into a deep black hole of despair. Finding those unhealthy habits of avoidance once again, that took me nowhere.

Yoga, in no small measures, saved my life, many times. It has been my rock, my comfort and my growth and has been, for 11 years, always helped me to the build the strength and trust I needed, within myself, to keep moving forward...

I have tried many types of therapy and other practices over the years to heal, from within, but I never quite got deep enough.

After practicing yoga for 8 years I finally took the plunge to study for my 200 hour yoga teacher training and have since completed qualifications in Yin, Restorative and Chair yoga as well as taking part in different Anatomy, Asana, Ayurveda and Meditation courses.

As I immersed myself in my practice, I found that the tools I needed to heal myself, I had all along.

I needed to not only believe I could heal, but believe I deserved to heal, too.

On my hunt for healing, I have studied and practiced a plethora of different techniques and I bring you here, a special practice, curated just for you, your mind and your body.

Everyones path holds a different key and I am here to help you find it.

Yoga is a large part of my tool box, but the yogic postures (Asanas) are only a very small part of what yoga is, yoga is a lifestyle and its practices are like a never ending well of wealth and knowledge. 

I work with a huge range of techniques from body work, to mindfulness, to diet adjustments to help you find a routine and path that leads you to exactly where you want to go. Whether it be healing a trauma, understanding your body more, or simply just being healthier in the body and mind.

Your body and mind is telling you exactly what you need to know, you just need to learn to speak its language!

Most importantly, I’m not your typical one size fits all yoga teacher, I make yoga fit you, not the other way around. I specialise in working with people with low or hyper-mobility. Yoga is for EVERYONE and I’m here to help you find how to make it work for you.

Fancy having a chat? Book a free consultation with me.

Weekly yoga classes and consultations available

With love


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