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Yoga Classes

Weekly Online Groups Classes

Rise and Shine Morning Flow

Wake up the body and mind and get ready for the day ahead.

An early morning wake up.

Involving stretching generously through the spine, Sun Salutations and warming energising postures.

Come and start the day the right way.

All Classes Suitable for ALL LEVELS


Warming Dynamic Flow

Build strength and heat in the body.

A heat building flow that builds strength in the body.
We move through a flow series, starting off with long holds and then moving faster with repetition.
All Classes Suitable for ALL LEVELS


Smooth and Sweet Slow Flow

A warming flow where we move with deliberation and intention

We move slowly through postures, focusing on our breath and finding the right position for our bodies. To settle into the pose in a way that works best for you!
Slow doesn't mean chill, we build strength and heat in this class but also have a generous warm up and cool down.

All Classes Suitable for ALL LEVELS


Power Flow

Energising movement to get your blood pumping

Lift your energy, sweat out any stresses and get your blood pumping.
We will moving through a fast and powerful flow that will raise your heartbeat and maybe make you a little sweaty!
Always with a generous warm up and cool down.

ALL LEVELS are welcome.

This class is not about perfect poses it's about moving fluidly in a way our body responds too and maybe laughing a little at ourselves too!


Yummy Yin

Strengthen and elongate in stillness.

It's time to balance out the yang in your life with a little yin.
Here we hold poses for up to 5 minutes, pulling back from our limits to work deep into the connective tissues.

These classes help you get used to holding and finding space in silence and each pose will be held in quiet for part of the time.
Any level can join here, each finding your own depth for a pose with the help of offered variations.


Recover and Restore

Relax fully throughout the body and mind.

In this restorative class we utilise props to build the floor up to you. No holding or moving deeper into the body.
We fully relax throughout the body to allow our minds also relax.
A rejuvenating and calming practice that prepares you for meditation and resets the body.
Reducing stress and anxiety.


Prenatal Chair and Floor Flow

Retain your strength and flexibility safely

A pregnancy focused flow where we stretch and generously release tension through the back body and safely work on our strength and flexibility.

While also preparing the body for child birth.
We use a chair to help our balance and find depth safely.

Please contact for more information on how to book

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
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